If this is your first taste of Carmen's Best, you may wonder why our ice cream only comes in small tubs. Well, like the finest artisanal ice cream, it is homemade, the old-fashioned way, in small quantities.

We use only 100% fresh cow's milk and cream that's brought over daily, at dawn, from the family's dairy farm in Bay, Laguna. The amount of ice cream that we make depends on the amount of fresh milk that we get. From the fresh milk, we extract the cream that rises to the top, and this is what gives Carmen's Best that incredibly smooth, silky texture.

We source the rest of our ingredients from all over the world. Horlicks malted milk from England, chocolates from Switzerland, rum from Jamaica, the finest vanilla beans from exotic Madagascar Vanilla, and Turon de Jijona from Spain.

Quality means taking no shortcuts, and getting no substitutes for the finest ingredients. Very simply that is the secret of Carmen's Best.